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"Your American Freedoms:
Protect them or Lose them"

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How did we Americans get so lucky? How did we Americans defy history and produce America's great treasure of freedoms, freedoms that we often take for granted today?
Fred talks with America's Founding Fathers:
John Adams (and Abigail)   Sam Adams   Ben Franklin
Alexander Hamilton   Patrick Henry   Thomas Jefferson
James Madison   Thomas Paine   George Washington
Together, they tell the amazing story of how our democratic republic was born, the checks and balances built into our government that protect us from tyranny, and how our unique values and individual rights give hope to mankind.

Fred challenges all Americans and shows them how to protect our freedoms so that we and our children don't lose them.

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Video of live presentation to DeAnza College Students, Jan, 2014:
Length 43:27

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"Your American Freedoms"